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Around our diverse English coastline and sea, fishers harvest crabs, lobsters and whelks, predominately using pots and traps to catch some of the best quality shellfish in the world. Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) are being developed to assess the status of stocks and set out policies to restore stocks to, or maintain them at, sustainable levels. 

By working with the fisheries sector and wider stakeholders, the plans will set out actions to ensure these stocks are harvested sustainably and, supported by a healthy marine environment, will provide long-term thriving fisheries.


For generations boats setting off from ports along the English coast have made their living fishing for crabs, lobsters and whelks.   Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs), developed in collaboration with the fishing sector and other stakeholders, and have been created to deliver sustainable fisheries for current and future generations. 

This website aims to collate what we know about these species and stocks, provide a resource that shows how the fishing industry works and the challenges it faces, outline the current fisheries management around the coast and provide a platform to review the Crab and Lobster FMP and the Whelk FMP.